Bid Submission - Instructions

Seeking GC/Contractors to bid on 23 Unit Townhome Development in SW Atlanta 30311 (City of Atlanta Permits: LD-201900094 and LD-202100114).

The Projected Budget on Hard Costs for both Horizontal and Vertical Build is between $4.5Million and $6Million

Details Civils, Landscape and Floor Plans will be provided upon signing  NDA (click “NDA” link to download document).


Please submit a Stand Alone Bid to Complete the Vertical and Horizontal work based on Construction Site Plans (to be provided once NDA signed).


Bids are expected to include the following:


  • Cost Details for  

Vertical Build (identified in site plan)

Erosion, Sediment and Pollution Control (identified in site plan)

Tree Removal (identified in site plan)

Infrastructure Installation – Pad Ready (identified in site plan)


  • Contract Proposal - Draft 

Fixed Contract Cost Type

Projected Project Start Date

Projected Work Completion Date

Payment Schedule / Schedule of Values (SOV) based on measurable deliverables / milestones


  • Proof of Licenses (Active) 


  • Proof of Insurance(s) (Active)  


  • List of Current/Last 5 projects 


Bid by Friday, 12/15/2021.


Please allow me 7 business days from the date of submission to review Contracts with my Attorney, verify information and make a decision. I won’t make a decision until I’ve received and reviewed all Contracts.  Also, during my review; it’s possible that I will be follow-up with you with questions / concerns.


FYI:  I’m looking for opportunities for Cost Efficiency without compromising on the quality and professional level work that you are known for delivering.

For any questions, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 404-437-6640.