Bid Submission - Instructions

Seeking GC/Contractors to bid on 23 Unit Townhome Development in SW Atlanta 30311 (City of Atlanta Permits: LD-201900094 and LD-202100114).

The Projected Budget on Hard Costs for both Horizontal and Vertical Build is between $4.5Million and $6Million

Details Civils, Landscape and Floor Plans will be provided upon signing  NDA (click “NDA” link to download document).


Please submit a Stand Alone Bid to Complete the Vertical and Horizontal work based on Construction Site Plans (to be provided once NDA signed).


Bids are expected to include the following:


  • Cost Details for  

Vertical Build (identified in site plan)

Erosion, Sediment and Pollution Control (identified in site plan)

Tree Removal (identified in site plan)

Infrastructure Installation – Pad Ready (identified in site plan)


  • Contract Proposal - Draft 

Fixed Contract Cost Type

Projected Project Start Date

Projected Work Completion Date

Payment Schedule / Schedule of Values (SOV) based on measurable deliverables / milestones


  • Proof of Licenses (Active) 


  • Proof of Insurance(s) (Active)  


  • List of Current/Last 5 projects 


Bid by Friday, 12/15/2021.


Please allow me 7 business days from the date of submission to review Contracts with my Attorney, verify information and make a decision. I won’t make a decision until I’ve received and reviewed all Contracts.  Also, during my review; it’s possible that I will be follow-up with you with questions / concerns.


FYI:  I’m looking for opportunities for Cost Efficiency without compromising on the quality and professional level work that you are known for delivering.

For any questions, please email us at or call us at 404-437-6640.