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If you’re planning to sell your home, we are here to buy at a great price. Every kind of property is an investment opportunity for us.

Types of Homes We Purchase


Are you late on your mortgage payment? Have you recently had a Notice of Default filed against your property? We can help you with your foreclosure property. We can take the stress away from you by providing you the helping hand of experts who will assist you in taking the next best step. We can offer two solutions in this scenario:

  • 1 We purchase the property before the foreclosure date so that you can cash in on your equity, or
  • 2 We analyze your circumstances to suggest the other best options.

Why You Should Not Delay

  • To minimize the increase in the balance owed to your lender

  • Lenders typically are more inclined to work with you if you approach them sooner in the process

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Deferred Maintenance

Does your home need a lot of work? Would you rather not have the whole neighborhood look through your property? Do you want to sell your house without spending more money on its repairs? Get in touch with us. We can purchase your property by providing direct cash. You get to sell your home directly without spending a single penny on the realtor.

NID Home Solutions, LLC

Types of Property We Buy

  • Deferred maintenance

  • Foundation issues

  • Code Violation

  • Accumulation of Personal Belongings

  • Zoning Issues/discrepancies

  • Fire Damage

  • Roof Repairs

  • Clearing up judgments and outside liens

Our Offer

  • Pay direct cash

  • Purchase as-is the house with no repairs

  • Close in the dealing within 9 days

  • Provide $10,000 cash advance

NID Home Solutions, LLC

Short Sale

Do you owe more to the property than its current value? You want to sell but have a high loan balance? If you want or need to sell and you’re underwater on your house, you’ll need to complete a “Short Sale” with your lender.

Things to Know About a Short Sale

  • It’s a complicated process

  • It requires a lot of paperwork

  • Forgetting paperwork and missing steps can cost you time and money
    Get in touch with us for assistance with short sales. We can help you sail through the process.

Inherited Properties

Do you own an inherited property that’s getting difficult for you to manage? We can do the maintenance and repairs for you to make your property market-ready.


Do you own a rental property? We believe it can be worth investing in. We’re continuously looking for new investment opportunities.

While we’ll look at whatever you’ve got, we excel in purchasing rentals that

  • Have difficult tenants

  • Need repairs

  • Have deferred maintenance

NID Home Solutions, LLC
NID Home Solutions, LLC

Why Choose Us

If you prefer to sell quickly and let us handle the tenants - we can do that! We recently worked with Dawn M. and purchased a rental property in Bay Park. She wanted to sell the property for top dollar but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of coordinating. Our clients are very satisfied with the service we provide. Get in touch with us today.